Welcome to The Church at Melbourne

The Church at Melbourne is a First Century Apostolic Church; founded in 1990 by Bishop Joseph A. Kotal, Allan A. Taylor and Rosemarie Kotal.

Why Apostolic? It means that we hold to the doctrine and teachings of Jesus Christ and His personally selected Apostles, realizing that His Apostles were given full authority to establish the New Testament Church.

The Church at Melbourne is a Spirit-Filled assembly where faithful Christians come to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a place where shouts of joy can be heard within and without, so that everyone may know that our God reigns forever and ever.

“The house of the Lord should not only be a place of prayer, worship, and praise. It should actually be a place where the glory of God is revealed and it should feel as if it’s one’s own home.” Bishop J. A. Kotal